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Jan. 31st, 2008


Super Hiatus

Officially, I have resigned, because I have no time to get on and play anymore. However, after discussion with the mods, I have agreed to instead take a long hiatus, and see if I can come back in a month or so (and idea that seems much more appealing, as I love this game, have been here from the first day, and would hate to go).

Post here if there are any threads open you would like to finish up before I go, or any plots you want to keep going when I come back (because I will come back, I'm sure...I doubt I can stay away).

I love you guyz!


Aug. 12th, 2007




Augury RPG started on 10 October 2006. Up until this point, it has been a 7th year, HBP-canon compliant game.

From now, Augury will begin integrating certain canon events from Deathly Hallows into the game.

However, we will not be integrating character choices/relationships into the game. That will be left up to the players. In other words, Remus and Tonks aren't forced to be married, but the players may follow that course of action if they so choose.

If you do have something specific in mind for your character that relates to DH-canon, please let the mods know.

This post will be left unlocked for potential players to read.

Jun. 2nd, 2007



Current Cast (Revised 1 December 2007)

These characters are in play at Augury RPGCollapse )

Dec. 4th, 2006

Riddle house


Character Profile Sheet (revised)

Please fill this out and place it in the user profile of your character journal.



Post Guidelines (revised)

When posting in Augury's main community, please use the following in the beginning of your entry:

Who: involved players. Indicate if the thread is open to anyone.
What: a quick summary of the action
When: the date
Where: the locale
Status: Incomplete/Complete

Remember to add appropriate tags at the bottom of the entry.


Available Game Characters (revised 31 January, 2008)

Here are the characters available for play at augury_rpg. If you'd like to play a character who isn't listed, first check if they have already been claimed. Otherwise, contact the mods at augury.mods@gmail.com.

Please don't request to play Minerva McGonagall, Pius Thicknesse, or Lord Voldemort. They are NPCs controlled by the mods.

We allow original adult characters.

xx represents characters that have been played to some extent, with varying degrees of backstory
** represents particularly needed characters.

Hogwarts StudentsCollapse )

Hogwarts StaffCollapse )

Order of the PhoenixCollapse )

Death Eaters/SupportersCollapse )

Ministry of MagicCollapse )

Hogwarts AlumniCollapse )

Other CharactersCollapse )